Our initiatives include preserving and protecting cows, rehabilitation of older cows and bulls, and creating sustainable income from cow shelters. We also contribute to organic farming by producing organic manure for agriculture and cow-based products for the protection of the environment.  

Preservation and Protection of Native Breeds

There are 17 different types of buffalo and more than 50 distinct cow breeds in India. Since they have been adapted through many generations, they are perfect for India’s topography and climate. We work hard to maintain their integrity so that local breeds are maintained and safeguarded in our goshalas.

Rehabilitation & Resource Creation of older Cows & Bulls

Since they don’t actively contribute to the financial advancement of the ruling class, older/unproductive cows in the country now suffer the greatest challenges. Apart from milk, the cows can also provide other goods and services that not only give the local population in towns and villages more employment options but also enable the cows to live comfortably and productively.

Integration of Cows into Modes of Societal Maintenance

A more comprehensive and integrated strategy should be developed to accommodate cows in contemporary society, in addition to producing milk and cow dung for human use. In order to achieve this, we are actively pushing for new architectural solutions to be used in town planning with the assistance of local authorities.