About Us

Lakshminaraya Lokhasamrakshana Trust (“The Trust”) was started by Srinath Venkataramanan and Major Sathyanarayanan with the main purpose to serve society by preserving the wisdom in our tradition and by serving seniors.

Objectives of LL Trust

1.Integrating Dairy farming with Agriculture

2.Protection of Native Breeds

3.Marketing of produce

4.Protection of Cattle from Slaughter houses

LL Trust is an NGO organization dedicated to the rescue and protection of cows in India, as well as preserving traditional knowledge and promoting ethical and sustainable farming practices. The LL Trust’s mission is to safeguard the knowledge found in Indian traditions and to care for the elderly.

Donations play a major role in supporting us to continue our work, raise awareness and make some advancements in the facilities of the organization. Without donations it is impossible to take this public cause forward. It is imperative that public donations are sought after and received to fulfill the common mission of protecting the cows and ensure long-term sustainability.

The work of the LL Trust is heavily reliant on contributions and donations. With these contributions, the organization would be able to rescue and care for cows. Your donations of money, feed, and supplies help to provide shelter, medical care, and food for rescued cows. This is indirectly helping us to save the native knowledge of agriculture and promoting the use of cow products. Paving way to bring in chemical-free food to the society.

One of the main efforts is Gosamsrakshana: Of the 72 indigenous breeds in India of bulls and cows, hardly 20 of them are left and these too are dwindling in numbers. We are supporting efforts to save desi cows from slaughter and protect these indigenous breeds, encouraging the use of desi cows in organic farming leading to chemical free agriculture. This helps in growing healthy food; especially the aged people will have organic food and good health. Part of our effort is also to house rescued bovines.

Go:da:nam means donating a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf. Go:da:nam liberates the donor and his forefathers from the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly in their lives. Go:da:nam is performed when a child is born in the family, during marriage, when a person passes away or in any other auspicious occasion. It bestows heavenly comforts on the donor.

Departed souls will be relieved from the hells and from a treacherous river “Viraja” by doing Go:da:nam. The devathas in the cow will take care of the soul. It is equal to the benefits obtained by performing Ra:jasu:ya Ya:ga and donating unlimited amount of gold.